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Welcome to Komachi Hair Cult!

Our Designers

Frank Zuo

Frank Zuo began his career 13 years ago, where he was trained and certified in London by the International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC). Since then, this creative hair genius has pulled off numerous international nominations and bagged several awards. A favorite among fashion editors, Frank’s creations have been showcased in various fashion and hairstyling magazines such as SCENE. Frank’s show stopping style marries rigorous European hairstyling concepts with the characteristic ‘natural softness’ of the Japanese. Aside from transforming hairstyles, Frank’s affable and passionate nature also shows up in the way he makes it his responsibility to help his clients stay abreast of the latest fashion and beauty trends. Creativity is not something based on luck or mood. I draw my inspiration from music and the arts, pushing myself hard to stay at the forefront of fashion. Only then will I be able to deliver the best results for my clients, blending my creativity with their personality and creating for each of them their own “X-Factor” hairstyle.